Allen & Heath QU-24

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Allen & Heath QU-24

ดิจิตอลมิกเซอร์ Compact digital mixing 24 Mono Inputs (TRS + XLR) 4 Stereo Inputs (TRS) 800x480 Touchscreen


  • Channels   24
  • Inputs - Mic Preamps  24 x XLR
  • Inputs - Line  28 x TRS
  • Inputs - Other      4 x TRS (ST1,2), 1 x 1/8" TRS (ST3)
  • Outputs - Main     2 x XLR
  • Outputs - Other     4 x TRS (2TRK, Alt), 10 x XLR (Mix Outs), 8 x XLR (Group, Matrix)
  • Outputs - Digital    1 x XLR (2-channel AES)
  • Headphones  1 x TRS
  • Data I/O     Ethernet, USB-B
  • I/O Expansion Slots D-Snake port
  • Phantom Power     24
  • EQ Bands   4-band parametric
  • Aux Sends   Virtual, via configurable user strip
  • Busses/Groups     4 groups
  • Faders      25, 100mm motorized Alps
  • Channel Inserts    Virtual, via SuperStrip
  • Effects      Yes
  • Talkback    Yes
  • Transport Controls  No
  • DAW Control Partial
  • Computer Connectivity    1 x USB A (to device), 1 x USB B (to host)
  • Rackmountable   No


  • Height   7.4"
  • Depth   19.7"
  • Width   24.9"
  • Weight  31lbs. lbs.


USB Audio A USB hard drive formatted on one model can be used on the other.

 Stereo and multitrack Qu-Drive recordings are compatible.

 USB B audio streaming is compatible, but note that the Qu-16 is 24 out / 22 in, the Qu-24 is 32 out / 30 in, and the Qu-32 is 32 out / 32 in.

Mono Line Input – Balanced ¼” TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) jack input for plugging in line level signals such as multitrack players and radio mic receivers.

 To work with unbalanced sources use a mono jack or link ring to sleeve within the TRS stereo jack.

 Use DI boxes plugged into the Mic input for high impedance, low level sources such as acoustic instrument pickups.

Microphone Input – Balanced XLR input for plugging in a low level source such as a microphone or DI box.

 48V can be switched to the socket for condenser mics and active DI boxes that require phantom power.

 Note - To avoid loud thumps, mute the channel before plugging in cables or switching 48V on or off.

Stereo Line Input – ST1 and ST2 balanced ¼” TRS (Tip, Ring, Sleeve) jack inputs for plugging in line level stereo sources such as CD players.

 The L input normal (switches) through the R input so that you can work with a mono source by plugging into just the L/M input.

 To work with RCA phono connections use jack to RCA converter plugs.

Talkback Input – Dedicated balanced XLR input for plugging in a microphone to route to the mixes for the engineer to talk to the performers on stage.

 Phantom power can be switched to the socket for condenser microphones.

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