Behringer Pro DCX2496

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Behringer DCX2496

The DCX2496 ULTRADRIVE PRO from Behringer is a digital loudspeaker management system, that provides excellent audio quality, along with a comprehensive feature list. It allows for precise set-up of multiple loudspeaker arrays, suitable for live sound, fixed installations that require control of loudspeaker systems, and other contractor-installed applications.

Each of the three-inputs and six-outputs have fixed processing blocks, including gain, delay, EQ and dynamic EQ on the input channels, and gain, crossover, EQs, limiter and delays on the output side. One of the inputs can accept a stereo AES/EBU digital signal. An integrated sample rate converter assists in accepting various sample rates. Additionally, an internal input-sum signal is easily set-up.

Four different mono and stereo output operating modes are available, all with individual crossover filter types with selectable roll-off characteristics. Input and output delays allow for time adjusting signals to compensate for ambient temperature changes or for adjusting arrival time differences for individual speaker clusters. EQs can be used for both musical enhancement or for level-dependent equalization. Brick-wall limiters guarantee speaker protection.

Remote control of one or several units can be accomplished utilizing downloadable software for a Windows based computer. Set-ups can be saved to the software, or to an optional PCMCIA card for the ultimate in portability. Servo-balanced, gold-plated XLR connectors for all inputs and outputs guarantee excellent connectivity.

  • Three-input, six-output loudspeaker management system
  • Four different mono- and stereo-output operating modes
  • Individual crossover filter types including Butterworth, Bessel and Linkwitz-Riley, with selectable roll-off characteristics from 6dB to 48dB per octave
  • Choice of high-, band- and low-pass filters for each input and output
  • Dynamic EQ for level-dependent equalization and parametric EQ selectable for each channel
  • "Zero" attack limiters on all output channels for optimal signal protection
  • Automatic or manual-adjustable delays for all inputs and outputs allow for adjustment due to room temperature, phase and arrival time differences
  • Link option via RS-485 network interface allows for linking multiple units for larger installation requirements
  • Downloadable software enables single- or multiple-unit remote control utilizing a Windows based computer
  • Sixty user-defined internal presets can bestored via software or on a PCMCIA card
  • Internal universal power supply allows the unit to operate virtually anywhere
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