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Mackie 3204VLZ4 32-channel Mixer at a Glance:

32-ch Analog Mixer with 28 Onyx Mic Preamps, 6 x Aux Sends Per Channel, 4 x Mix Buses, Built-in Effects, and 4x2 24-bit USB Audio Interface

Premium-quality mixer with proven components

Sealed rotary controls ensure long-term reliability

Incredible sound quality

Built-in 32-bit RMFX+ Effects

Easy recording with built-in 24-bit USB audio interface

Premium-quality mixer with proven components

The Mackie 3204VLZ4 is, first and foremost, a Mackie mixer. It houses 28 of Mackie's premium-quality Onyx mic preamps for natural, transparent sound. Its mic/line channels are equipped with 3-band EQ with sweepable mids. Signal routing is easy and flexible. On top of all that, the Mackie 3204VLZ4 is built Mackie-tough - trust this mixer to perform even in the most harrowing situations.

Sealed rotary controls ensure long-term reliability

Sure, the Mackie 3204VLZ4 mixer will shrug off bumps, drops, and outright abuse, but what about spills or rain? Thankfully, the 3204VLZ4 boasts sealed rotary controls that resist grime, dust, and anything else that may spill onto your mixer. We're not saying it's fully waterproof, but it's an extra level of protection you'll eventually be very glad you have when you're running live sound in a hectic environment.

Incredible sound quality

VLZ stands for "very low noise", and that's just part of the appeal of the Mackie 3204VLZ4 mixer. In all you've got a 128.5dB dynamic range, making it easy to achieve full, punchy mixes. The Onyx mic preamps have a 60dB gain range, so you can get the best out of virtually any microphone. And because the 3204VLZ4's line inputs handle +22 dBu signal levels, you can connect high-output sound sources without worrying about distorting your inputs.

Built-in 32-bit RMFX+ Effects

The Mackie 3204VLZ4 mixer packs 32-bit RMFX+ effects processing, and you can use Aux 5 and Aux 6 on any channel to easily route it to the effects. From spacious reverbs and epic delays to rich chorus and other ear candy, you've got the tools you need to add that extra polish to your sound.

Easy recording with built-in 24-bit USB audio interface

Just connect your laptop to the Mackie 3204VLZ4 via USB and you'll be able to record your show with a minimum of fuss. Stream up to four subgroups or the master L/R mix to your computer for recording. You can even use your favorite plug-ins as live processors via Auxes 5/6! You can also return a stereo signal from your computer to the board for playback, or even to a mixer channel to use EQ and monitoring sends. The point is, the Mackie 3204VLZ4 gives you more options than you've ever had with a VLZ mixer.

Mackie 3204VLZ4 24-channel Mixer Features:

Amazingly rugged analog mixer with 28 microphone preamplifiers

Onyx mic preamps offer up to 60dB of gain for great performance with any mic

Ultra-low-noise performance gives you clean, clear sound

High-resolution stereo meters give you fast, easy visual indication of your signal levels

Sealed rotary controls resist dust and grime

Four-bus design and intuitive routing make it easy to create submixes for easier, faster mixing

Dual FX processors make it easy to add studio-quality effects to your show

4 x 2 USB audio interface makes it easy to capture high-quality 24-bit recordings

USB connection can also be used for computer audio playback, or even plug-in effects

It's hard to beat the sound and performance of the Mackie 3204VLZ4!

Tech Specs

Type Analog

Channels 32

Inputs - Mic Preamps 28 x XLR

Inputs - Line 32 x TRS (28 x Mono, 2 x Stereo Pairs)

Inputs - Other 2 x RCA (Tape)

Outputs - Main 2 x XLR (Stereo), 1 x XLR (Mono)

Outputs - Other 2 x RCA (Tape), 2 x TRS (Monitor, Stereo), 1 x TRS (Monitor, Mono)

Headphones 1 x 1/4"

Send/Return I/O 6 x TRS (Send), 4 x TRS (Stereo Return)

Phantom Power 28

EQ Bands 3-band, Sweepable Mid

Aux Sends 4 x Pre/Post, 2 x Post/FX

Busses/Groups 4 x Bus

Faders 35 x 60mm Throw

Channel Inserts Yes

Effects Yes

Talkback Yes

Computer Connectivity 1 x USB (4 x 2, 24-bit)

Height 6"

Width 38"

Depth 19.1"

Weight 39 lbs.

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