รหัสสินค้า : KT1000


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Main Feature

- Three video signal synchronous inputs available; Independent input volume control for each video chanel input

- Manual and automatic mode for video input selection, VOD input is

- Classical right, left, mid and bass balance inputs channels designed

- RCA assistant output connectors available for right and left channel

- Record output connetor available

- No polarity crossover frequency adjustable from 80Hz to 120Hz for bass channel. Independent volumn control

- Three microphone inputs, balance controls available for treble and bass volume

- Sockets available for vocal effectors connection

- Professional anti-humming circuit design

- One key control DISCO equalization enhance mode

- Complete SMT process makes sure reliability and consistency

Power Supply

Power Supplier AC 220V (+/-10%) 50Hz

Fuse Capacity 1A

Line Input

Input Impedance/Connectors 47KΩ/RCA

Left/Right Channel Output 0.775V (250mV input)

Minimum 250mV (output 0.775V @ 1KHz)

S/N Ratio > 92dB

Left/Right Assistant Channel Output 1.5V (250mV input)

Record Output 0.775V (250mV input)

Bass Channel Output 2.5V (input 250mV synchronously at left and right channel)

Automatic Sensitivity Selection 12mV

Microphone Input

Minimum Source Electromotive 10mV (output 0.775 @ 1KHz)

Mid Channel Output 1.5V (10mV input)

Overload Source Electromotive 280mV

Dimensions and Weight

Dimensions [HxWxD] 44 x 482 x 220 mm.

Net Weight 3 kg.

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