NTS PMX-1203

รหัสสินค้า : NTS PMX-1203

Main Feature

- 12 channel power mixer (12 mono input)

- 3 band EQ with sweepable midrange on all input

- 1 Aux send for external effects and monitoring

- Peak LED on all input

- PFL switch on all input

- Built in 16 program digital effect

- USB interface for MP3 input and playback with digital display

- Dual 7 band graphic EQ

- +48V phantom power supply

Technical Specification

Power Output (Stereo 8Ω /ch.) 200W

Power Output (Stereo 4Ω /ch.) 325W

Frequency Response 20Hz - 20KHz

T.H.D. ≤ 0.05%

Signal to Noise Ratio ≥ 95dB

EQ : High +/-15dB, 12KHz

   : Mid +/-15dB, sweepable from 250Hz to 5KHz

   : Low +/-15dB, 80Hz

8,600.00 ฿