Novation Launchpad X

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Novation Launchpad X

มาพร้อมลูกเล่นใหม่ ๆ และการดีไซน์ที่มีความเท่มากขึ้นจากรุ่นก่อน ขนาดมีความบางลง และยังมีการปรับเซนเซอร์รับน้ำหนักให้ละเอียดยิ่งขึ้น และยังพ่วงลูกเล่นใหม่ ๆ เข้ามาคือ Note and Scale Modes, Capture MIDI,

และยังเปลี่ยนการเชื่อมต่อเป็น USB-C อีกด้วย นอกจากนี้ยังเพิ่มฟังก์ชันที่ใช้ร่วมกับ Ableton ในส่วนของ Control Stop, Solo and Mute; tweak Volume, Pans and Sends; launch clips and scenes; activate Record Arm,

Record and Capture MIDI เข้ามาให้

Made to perform

Launchpad X is our essential 64-pad MIDI grid controller for Ableton Live. It gives you everything you need to make music. Launch, play and perform your sounds and build your tracks using the large, super-sensitive RGB pads, dynamic note and scale modes, and mixer controls.

LPX Body 1

The essential Live controller

Everything about making tracks in Ableton Live is made easier with Launchpad X’s quick, hands-on clip and scene launching and our most playable grid to date. Play your instruments and devices expressively with the 64 velocity- and pressure-sensitive RGB pads, then never lose an idea with one-press Capture MIDI control. Launchpad X belongs on the desk of every Ableton Live music maker.

LPX Body 2

Express yourself

Launchpad X gives you everything you need right at your fingertips so you can spend less time clicking a mouse and more time making music. Never worry about being out of key – Dynamic Note and Scale modes let you easily play perfectly in-key basslines, melodies, chords and leads. Our most responsive velocity-sensitive pads with polyphonic aftertouch let you play your instruments dynamically and expressively. Step back from the screen, get hands-on and dive into your tracks.

Make it yours

Go deeper and get Launchpad X working the way you want. Use Novation Components to customise MIDI mappings, and control almost anything; four custom modes mean you can design how this essential grid controller works for you – you’re only limited by your imagination.

LPX Take Control

Take control of your performance

Essential performance controls are a single button-press away: stop, solo, mute, record arm and set your levels, pans and sends. Using Launchpad X is a simple as it gets, no drivers to install, just plug and perform. 

Sound Collective

When you register your Launchpad X, you’ll automatically gain access to Sound Collective. Get new free plug-ins every couple of months from some of the biggest names in the business, along with offers, discounts and more. 

Splice Sounds

Get two months free access to Splice Sounds with Launchpad X, offering millions of high-quality, royalty-free one-shots, loops, and presets, with new releases daily. Take 100 credits per month for sounds, foley, presets, and MIDI files and join millions of artists using Splice to make all kinds of music, Grammy-winning albums, and cinematic scores.


1. Velocity & Pressure Sensitive Pads

Notes and Scales Mode

2. Notes and Scales Mode

Record and Capture Midi

3. Record and Capture Midi

Record Arm

4. Record Arm

Clip and Scene

5. Clip and Scene

Custom Modes

7. Custom Modes

64 RGB Pads

Large RGB velocity- and pressure-sensitive pads give you a perfect reflection of your Ableton Live session, making it easier than ever to see your clips and play your instruments expressively.

Ableton Live Integration

Quickly launch clips and scenes, never lose ideas with Capture MIDI, and access performance controls like stop, solo, mute, record arm, volume, pan, and sends to dynamically control your music, no mouse needed.

Dynamic Note and Scale modes

Enable you to effortlessly play perfectly in-key basslines, melodies, chords and leads. Launchpad X even knows when you’re drumming and shows your drum rack on the grid.

Four Custom Modes

Use Novation Components to customise mappings and control anything MIDI easily from Launchpad X.

Get Started Easily

Use our online Easy Start tool to get all the software you want, and step-by-step video guides to get you set up with Live and making music in minutes.

Product dimensions

  • 241mm length x 241mm depth x 17.5mm height
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