Beheringer X AIR XR16

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Behringer X Air XR16 Tablet-controlled Digital Mixer

X Air Series 16-input Stage Box/Rackmount Digital Mixer for iPad/Android Tablets with 8 Gain-programmable Midas Preamps, Integrated Wi-Fi Module, and Rack Ears

ดิจิตอลมิกเซอร์ XR16 16 Input 4-Aux WIFI ในตัว, X32 effects ออกแบบปรีแอมป์ไมค์โดย Midas, USB Stereo Recorder ใช้แท็บเล็ต,ไอแพดทั้งระบบปฏิบัติการ iOS และ Android ควบคุม

Behringer XR16 at a Glance:

  • Built-in Wi-Fi module
  • Convenient stage box/rackmount chassis
  • Includes rack ears and protection bumpers
  • Midas-designed preamps
  • 40-bit floating-point DSP
  • Full-featured channel processing
  • FX Rack delivers studio-quality effects
  • 100-band RTA for all channel and bus EQs

Mix From Anywhere in the House

Built-in Wi-Fi and tablet integration for unprecedented mixing mobility

Behringer's XR16 gives you the ultimate in mixing mobility. Imagine always being able to mix from the most advantageous spot in the house! The XR16 acknowledges the reality of modern live mixing — that you don't want to be tied down to a fixed front-of-house mix location. Integrated Wi-Fi gives you remote control over the mixer's functions from your tablet or laptop without needing to set up and configure an external router. Now you can focus on your mix, moving around the venue to experience what your audience is hearing in the back of the auditorium. Tweak the mix from the balcony. Adjust the monitors from the performers' perspective. This is live mixing the way it should be — natural and intuitive. The result will be better-sounding shows!

  • Mix from anywhere in the venue
  • Instant wireless for your tablet or laptop
  • Complete remote control over mix functions
  • No need to set up and configure an external router

You're Connected

Ethernet port gives you networking options

The XR16's built-in Wi-Fi has you covered for most venues, but if you've got big stadium gigs booked, you'll be glad to know that you can easily integrate the XR16 into a larger setup using its Ethernet port to connect to a wired network or a monster router.

  • Ethernet port for networking options
  • Connect to a wired network
  • Set up an industrial router

Great-sounding Mixes Start Here

Pristine preamps, ultra-wide dynamic range, and more

With eight Midas-designed mic preamps and 40-bit floating-point DSP that delivers virtually unlimited dynamic range with no internal overload and vanishingly low latency, the XR16 delivers impeccable sound quality — the same as Behringer's acclaimed X32 digital mixer. The XR16's preamps are fully gain-programmable and remote-controllable from your iOS or Android tablet, for nearly unlimited flexibility in a live show situation. Because applications are loaded to the specific device, you can, for instance, prepare your channel layout offline while sitting in the tour bus before a show.

  • Acclaimed X32 technology for impeccable sound quality
  • Fully gain-programmable, remote-controllable preamps
  • Applications loaded to specific device
  • Facilitates offline pre-production

Comprehensive Processing and Routing

Features that will make you a sound-mixing hero

With so many variables beyond a mixer's control, Sweetwater knows just how challenging mixing a live show can be. That's why Behringer designed the XR16 with smart features that can make you a sound-mixing hero. The XR16's channels are fully loaded, with per-channel low-cut filters, gates, full dynamics (including compression, limiting, expansion, ducking, sidechaining, and more) fully parametric 4-band EQ, and routing to the four Aux outputs. When it comes to EQ, the XR16 lets you analyze the frequency content of your tracks, courtesy of its 100-band Real Time Analyzer, built into every input channel and then sculpt them with the bus equalizer. With visual feedback built right into the control app, you can see exactly what you need to do, and make fast, surgical adjustments to frequencies that need boost or cut.

  • Smart features make mixing easier
  • Extensive per-channel processing
  • 100-band Real Time Analyzer
  • Visual feedback simplifies EQ

Studio-quality Effects

Virtual FX Rack with four true-stereo multi-effects processors

The XR16 has an entire arsenal of effects under the hood. The XR16's virtual FX Rack gives you four true-stereo (8 mono) multi-effects processors, including delay, chorus, and dynamics. This engine is beefy enough to simultaneously run high-quality, true-stereo reverbs and 31-band EQ, without the need for additional hardware. Select any combination of high-end simulations of classic studio reverbs such as the Lexicon 480L and PCM70, the EMT250 or Quantec QRS. The XR16's onboard processing means your computer won't be tasked with additional heavy lifting during a mixdown session with numerous plug-ins.

  • Four stereo multi-effects processors
  • Simulations of legendary studio reverbs
  • Robust FX engine
  • Lightens the load on your computer


  • Built-In Wi-Fi Module
  • IOS, Android, Mac, PC, Linux Control
  • Midas-Designed Microphone Preamps
  • XLR Outputs
  • X32 FX Rack with 4 Stereo FX Slots
  • USB Connectivity for Storage
  • Records Audio via USB
  • MIDI In / Out
  • Includes Rack Ears & Protection Bumpers

Tech Specs

Type: Digital

Channels: 16

Inputs - Mic Preamps: 8 x XLR-1/4" combo

Phantom Power: Yes (activated via remote app)

Inputs - Line: 6 x 1/4"

Inputs - Other: 2 x 1/4" (Hi-Z)

Outputs - Main: 2 x XLR

Channel Inserts: Internal effects/processing inserts

Busses/Groups: 4 x XLR (aux bus out)

Data I/O: Ethernet, Built-in Wi-Fi Module, 2-Channel USB-to-Device

USB: 1 x USB Type A (flash drive)

Computer Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Ethernet

MIDI I/O: In/Out

Headphones: 1 x 1/4" TRS

EQ Bands: 100-band Real Time Analyzer (RTA)

Effects: 4 stereo effects/modeling engines including delay, chorus, dynamics, Lexicon reverbs, flangers, exciters

Software: Remote App (iOS, Android, PC, Windows, Linux)

Rackmountable: Yes

Height: 5.5"

Depth: 5.9"

Width: 13.1"

Weight: 6.6 lbs.

Manufacturer Part Number: XR16

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